Adolescent Health Program Evaluation in Northern Nigeria

In Africa’s most populous country, Ku Saurara! (Listen Up!), a project of Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs, educated and empowered a generation of young people toward positive reproductive health behaviors. Tackling subjects like family planning, which were once considered taboo in northern Nigeria, Ku Saurara! galvanized government, community and religious leaders to support these and other issues vital to healthy living, changing centuries-old attitudes in only a decade.

As Ku Saurara's radio variety show, feature films and community activities fueled demand for youth health services, the project expanded its outreach to include trainings for service providers in interpersonal communication and counseling to ensure friendly and professional treatment of young patients. Ku Saurara! led coalition-building among partner NGOs working in communities across the country, uniting their advocacy efforts to create increased demand for improved and expanded health services for women of all ages. The Ku Saurara! project was marked by a flexible approach in which programming followed demand, enabling their efforts to reach 58% of young people in northern Nigeria.

Gillespie Communication led a qualitative evaluation for Ku Saurara! through extensive key informant interviews covering ten years of project work. Text and materials for public relations and future fundraising were developed, along with photographs, multimedia success stories of project work and a You Tube channel to house video products.


Project Video: