About Gillespie Communication

Gillespie Communication is a network of communication consultants specializing in international humanitarian work. With a diverse array of expertise in disaster relief, global health and development, we help you tell the story of how your work is changing lives for the better, through listening directly to voices of your partner communities. We cover the entire spectrum of your communication needs -- from writing and photography to developing advocacy strategies to bolster your work.


Gillespie Communication provides consultation in the following:

  • Comprehensive project documentation
  • Professional writing
  • Advocacy strategy development
  • Photojournalism
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Field staff training in success story writing and photography
  • Multimedia and video production
  • Marketing and fundraising materials development
  • Qualitative evaluation of relief and development projects
  • Portraiture and special event photography
  • Advanced planning for high level site visits


Consultation fees for Gillespie Communication vary according to scope and duration of work required. Informational and preliminary discussions are free of charge, and retainer rates are available for extended contracts.


Everyone matters. Regardless of where we come from or where we’re going, we are all just… people. We may not speak the same language, understand the same references or use the same technology, but our lives are equally valuable. The capacity to love, to give of ourselves, to show kindness to each other no matter what – these traits transcend barriers and are essential in communicating across whatever divides us, whether that’s language, geography or culture. At Gillespie Communication, we believe that every person is truly unique and valuable and deserves respect. This is the spirit in which we work, whatever the task.

Joy in the journey. Some people hate their jobs, and granted, everyone has bad days. But we try to make sure for ourselves, and hopefully for you, that the enjoyable hours outweigh the grueling ones. We shouldn’t just enjoy our “free time, ” but our labors as well.  We believe in hard work as well as laughter, 24/7 disaster response yet loving every adrenaline-filled minute of it. Gillespie Communication itself is the pursuit of a dream, and we want to encourage you to chase (and achieve) yours.

Meaningful work. Life is too short to spend time doing things that really don’t make an impact. Every day thousands of children die of preventable diseases and people even in the world’s richest countries go hungry. For us then, there is no time to spare on projects whose impact is uncertain. We know that enormously good, life-saving work is happening every day, and that’s what we want to be involved in.

To learn more about how and why Gillespie Communication got started, read our founder's story.