Malaria Progress and Impact Report Series

The Roll Back Malaria Progress & Impact Series is a collection of comprehensive reports benchmarking progress towards the 2010 goals for malaria control. Launched in March 2010, the series aggregates and analyzes data on malaria burden, new tools and strategies, and intervention coverage—highlighting accomplishments and driving future action and investment.

The Progress & Impact Series represents a strategic effort to secure high levels of commitment to malaria control among donor countries, international health organizations, and governments of endemic and epidemic countries.

By benchmarking progress toward the RBM 2010 targets, disseminating findings, and informing advocacy efforts to resolve implementation bottlenecks, this effort seeks to ensure a level of support that will result in sustained, long-term commitment and success toward ultimately ridding the world of malaria.world malaria day 2010 cover

When Bonnie chaired the international Malaria Advocacy Working Group, she played a key role in the the first report in the series, Country Funding and Resource Utilization, providing advocacy strategy development for the report's launch as well as the bulk of the photographs in the document.

Read or view the entire document online, see the complete series, or to learn more about the Roll Back Malaria Partnership.