Addressing the Global Health Workforce Crisis

Health workers are the heart and soul of health systems, yet a chronic shortage persists -- an estimated 4.2 million health workers are needed worldwide, with 1.5 million needed in Africa alone. The Global Health Workforce Alliance was created in 2006 as a common mechanism for health and development partners to collaboratively address this crisis.

In advance of the second Global Forum on Human Resources for Health, Gillespie Communication assisted the Alliance in preparing a set of documents detailing the progress, challenges and accomplishments of partner efforts, including their flagship publication, Country Coordination and Facilitation: Principles and Process on Human Resources for Health.  This entailed extensive editing, research and organization of both technical and narrative material.

Bonnie, as lead writer and editor of Gillespie Communication, also consolidated five meeting reports regarding country coordination around health workforce issues into a single comprehensive document. Additionally, she summarized and prepared ten cases studies on various target countries experiencing health workforce challenges and successes.