GC Blog

Welcome to Gillespie Communication!

The fact that you're reading this is a dream come true. No no no, I (Bonnie) didn't just learn how to blog - I've actually been doing that for quite awhile. It's just that now, it's official -- Gillespie Communication has launched! For at least six years, maybe longer, I have pondered this notion and have even owned this domain name for about that long. It's been a long winding road (or plane ride or train trip) to get here. And now, it's official. I have a site, a blog and oh so much more...

I'd like to give a big shout out to my co-conspirators in creating my fabulous website (I do love it, don't mean to brag) -- Bob and Josh, thank you both immensely. Without I&B Design and Mediaglo, we would all still be staring at the "coming soon" page. You guys rock.

It's taken me what feels like forever to get to where I am living what my Life Is Good t-shirts kept telling me -- "Do what you like. Like what you do."  Now that I finally am, I have never felt better.

Enough philosophy, back to the GC blog! We will be sharing here about written and visual story-telling, things that inspire us and hopefully you, immersing ourselves in other cultures and all that we can learn in doing so, and probably many other random things. Oh, the GC blog will let you know when there are new galleries or projects up, too. It's a practical blog as well. Enjoy your first stroll around the new site, and let your friends at GC know how we can help you capture the stories you're living every day through your work and your giving.