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I am blessed to have a great friend and mentor who cheered me on tirelessly as I pursued the dream of starting Gillespie Communication.  Along with great advice and encouragement, he shared with me one of the best books I’ve had my hands on in a very long time – Visionmongers by David duChemin.  On the surface, it looks like just a photography book, but when you open its cover, you know almost immediately that duChemin is opening his heart to you as well.

 The stand-up comic turned photographer immediately reassured me that I was not the only crazy one wildly chasing a dream. He continues to travel his own winding path in pursuit of a vision fueled by compassion and faith… that also allows him to earn a living. I found in him a kindred spirit.

Certainly, he offers lots of practical advice, along with potent reality checks to hobbyists considering bailing on their day jobs. But through it all, he is self-revelatory and self-deprecating, which in a field that sometimes cultivates aloof egomaniacs, was a breath of fresh humility. But duChemin dispelled that stereotype as well and shared stories and interviews with nine other photographers, each as unique and inspiring as the one before.

Yet, this is not a book just for photographers, but for creatives of all genres who are chasing a vision that fuses passion and productivity, enjoyment and economic stability, craft and commerce, ultimately helping all of us find more joy in our own journeys.