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Justice 101

It’s the first month of summer and I have school on the brain! I was reading an article recently that linked to Michael Sandel’s "Justice" class at Harvard, which is apparently one of the most popular courses the school’s history. They describe it as a “journey in moral reflection that has captivated more than 15,000 students,” and now they’ve put the entire experience online, for regular ole folks like us.

Seriously, though, it’s amazing to watch such an engaging teacher inspire young college students to grapple with some of life’s toughest questions. With topics ranging from “political philosophy to the most vexing issues of our time: bank bailouts, equality and inequality, taxes, immigration, affirmative action, the role of markets, national service, same-sex marriage, the place of religion in politics,” and the list goes on.

May we all be so inspired to tackle tough questions in our own families, workplaces and communities.  Here’s a sample…