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Kony 2012

Surely, you’ve seen it by now. Within the first 72 hours since its release last week, Kony 2012, the latest video from the non-profit Invisible Children, garnered more than 38.6 million views on Youtube and Vimeo. As of today, it’s on its way to becoming one of the most successful viral videos of all time.

Photo School

I just graduated... again! For the past few days, I’ve been attending WPPI-U in Atlanta, the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International’s mini-university. It was three packed days of working photographers sharing their tools of the trade to an eager and varied audience of 400+.

Speaking Truth

MSF/Doctors Without Borders is one organization that doesn’t mince words -- they call it like they see it, often taking stands unpopular or unheard of in the world of non-profits. In an editorial this week in the Globe and Mail, MSF/Canada’s director spoke out about one of the world’s most pressing crisis -- the Horn of Africa drought and famine.

Justice 101

It’s the first month of summer and I have school on the brain! I was reading an article recently that linked to Michael Sandel’s "Justice" class at Harvard, which is apparently one of the most popular courses the school’s history. They describe it as a “journey in moral reflection that has captivated more than 15,000 students,” and now they’ve put the entire experience online, for regular ole folks like us.

Exploring the Familiar

I’ve watched the news coverage in disbelief the past few weeks as my home state has made international headlines. The River that both shares its name and over centuries deposited perhaps the world’s richest soil across my beloved Delta is raging again. As images of devastation have flashed across the news, my thoughts have often turned to history and to those two dates all area residents know -- 1927 and 1937, floods that still live in infamy. I wanted to know more.

Whatta Shot!

No, it’s not a spectacular half-court, last-second toss -- it’s the new record holder for the largest photograph in the world! Sevilla 111 Gigapixels is a huge panoramic and interactive photograph of Seville city in Spain, consisting of 111 million pixels! Photographers José Manuel Domínguez and Pablo Pompa worked for months piecing together the spectacular photo from nearly 10,000 images shot with a Canon 5D Mark II.

Cool Media Meets Microfinancing

When I initially started writing this entry, I was excited to share a website that I’d just discovered which successfully merges two of my personal passions -- effective use of media and microfinancing. Lendwithcare.org, a project of CARE UK, pairs strategic web design, video and social media with straightforward, well-written text on microfinancing basics. The product is an online resource that can turn even a first time lender into an informed advocate for helping the poor worldwide.

Mapping Relief

This time last year I was in Haiti for the earthquake response. With all the one-year commemoration news over the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking again about the people I met, the new friends I left behind, and wondering how things are going. One source that I’ve found hugely helpful is the Haiti Aid Map, which is an interactive map basically showing who’s doing what where. (If only we’d had this in Aceh post-tsunami!) Now, it may be too “inside baseball” for people outside the NGO World, but maybe not.

Christmas 2.0

And this year's award for Christmas Cleverness and Creativity goes to.... a digital extravaganza of mega-multimedia proportions! The Virgin Mary with an iPhone; Joseph on Facebook; the Wise Men shopping on Amazon! It's an insightful look at what an Oh Holy Night in 2010 might look like!


Amazing Data

Don’t laugh, it’s true! Data CAN be amazing! Just spend a few minutes with renowned researcher Hans Rosling, and he’ll have you convinced that data can be much more than a numbers and tables and spreadsheets.

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